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The Bollywood Restaurant

Around a week ago I received a call from a lovely Indian lady enquiring about product photography for her restaurant. They had a new dessert menu out and wanted me to capture the food in all its glory. I knew it would be a challenge as cold foods can melt so there is limited time available to capture the photo, but also she wanted "product photography" compared to the usual "in action" shots requested by my clients. I knew I was up for the task though and quickly sourced a backdrop perfect for the shoot. The restaurant was very classy, the staff absolutely lovely and I can't tell you if the food tasted good... but I can tell you it looked magnificent and smelt delicious! The best looking Indian food I have seen in Perth! I'm not being paid to say this either, haha. With the new backdrop and recently purchased professional lighting, it was time for my first attempt at "dark food photography" focusing heavily on shadows and textures with the main subject in each photo lit up brighter than the rest. It's safe to say the images turned out absolutely stunning and I'm sure the client will be just as happy with them as I am! Check out the sample photos over at:

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