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Custom Cars and Coffee

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Yesterday on the 23rd August 2020 I attended Custom Cars and Coffee's August meet. Finally the weather was shining and the event could go on as planned. I arrived early in hopes of setting up a nice spot for when people entered the venue and there was already a massive line of cars waiting to enter. I set myself up nicely just in front of the entry gate with my lovely cousin handing out my business cards (don't worry guys and girls, she was paid, I don't do slave labour, aha). Just after setting up, the event organisers removed the witches hats and the flow of cars began, and the photos started flowing. After some quick camera adjustments and a quick tripod position adjustment the photos were looking mint.

There was an amazing array of vehicles in attendance from Japanese/JDM, classics, Australian/ADM, some motorcycles, a few exotics and even a few American rides turned up such as the Hellcat (which could be considered both). All in all the day was lovely and we both had a lot of fun. So far I have received a lot of positive feedback on the photos and can't wait to do another event with a few tweaks to my gear, even better camera angles and closer, less cropped photos meaning higher resolution and more vibrant photos. Check out the full album over at:

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