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Lakers Tavern

So I was recently successful in gaining a contract with another local photographer to shoot venues and nightlife around Perth as they had too many places to be at once. It had been a long time since I'd shot in really low light, high shutter speed conditions but the current professional camera setup and my knowledge of operating the camera these days was more than up to the task. The photos turned out amazing and the photographer that hired me was very impressed! Suffice to say I think I'll be back to Lakers Tavern and more venues and events around Perth. With this particular contract, I take the photos and the other photographer edits them and sends them to the venue to post on their social media so these will be the only photos of mine you'll see from this event fully taken and professionally edited by yours truly. The event itself was lots of fun, made friends with the staff and some of the patrons. Some of the patrons were a little less than friendly and there was some anti social behaviour present but there's always a few bad apples, especially when alcohol is involved. All in all a good experience and I can't wait to shoot some more night life, the photos look fantastic and it's a fun work environment!

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