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Matty K Photography Founder

With a business degree under my belt and a passion for photography and making meaningful connections with people, I set out to capture the world through my own eyes. As my passion started peaking the interest of clients, both private and commercial, I decided it was time to start building my photography portfolio into a multi disciplinary art form that would allow me to capture whatever a client could throw at me. These can be broken down into 5 main categories, Event photography, Automotive photography, Commercial photography, Real Estate photography and Portrait photography.

I absolutely love to shock clients with stunning ultra high resolution images that they can use online for advertising, building their brand or capturing a special moment. Over at my Portfolio website you can download your albums in ultra high resolution, as well as have your favourite photos turned into stunning physical art in various forms such as prints, albums and frames. 

As my clientele increased, I invested in professional equipment, professional software, professional websites (such as the one you're browsing now), and of course I invested in myself, learning more and improving on my techniques to ensure the highest standards and quality of work. 

I am honoured to have  my work on display in both commercial businesses as well as private client's homes. 

So I hope you enjoy this website and the samples of my work it showcases, and hopefully we can book a session soon to make your dreams a reality. "Show the world" your Business/Ride/Product/Family/Home... through my ultra high quality photography.


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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BEng Hons): 2nd year student

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Management: 2015-2018



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Modern City


"A very friendly and lovely person. His photos are some of the best I have of my family. Thank you so much Matty K. I definitely recommend him if you would like some awesome photos."

"For a local guy who is just breaking into the game some of these shots were incredible."

Caelan's Personal Training

"Working with Matty is always a pleasure. His photos are worth double what you would pay elsewhere. He is my go to guy for all my promotional imagery. Highly recommended for any situation."

Andrew R Hunter

"Beautiful images. Amazing photographer. Our personal session at Asana Prana Yoga was such a pleasure, Matty put all of us at ease allowing for a relaxed and stress free Yoga session. I am very impressed with the quality of work, the speed and professionalism of the service. The images of our students are gorgeous. Thank you MattyKPhotography!"